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Who Uses Qnect

Qnect leads the industry with its innovative tools to improve quality, speed and profitability in the construction industry. Only Qnect offers the power of preference optimization (P+Op) and bolt optimization (B+Op) to optimize workflow in all roles across the industry.

Engineer of Record (EOR)

Use QuickQnect as your digital infrastructure to easily deliver a connected 3D model.


Save $110.00 per ton with P+Op and B+Op with QuickQnect – and improve project speed, data and accuracy.

Connection Engineer

Use QuickQnect® to focus on high margin, complex engineering to Increase sales and profit margins.

Steel Detailer

Use QuickQnect® to deliver huge value to fabricator clients.

Have Questions or Feedback?

We love our customers. Contact a Qnect representative at (413) 387-4375 or use our contact form to send us a note.



Our goals

Qnect’s mission is to design and deploy software for the improvement of:

  • Connection Engineering
  • Estimating and Bidding
  • Bim coordination
  • Clash management
  • Approvals
  • Capacity management

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