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Qnect Process

Qnect Process

To get started:

  1. Please go to the sign-up page to give us your name, company, phone number, email and password. A Qnect representative will then call you to officially register your company and give you administrative access, or you can call us now at 413-387-4375.
  2. Now you can log in at www.Qnect.com with your email address and password, go to the dashboard where you will manage admin access, users, jobs, and download our free software application. As a User Admin, you can also create new jobs, enter job preferences, manage billing and invite other users while defining the new user’s role: Admin, Company User, or Job User.
    Invited users will get an email from us to access the Qnect system.

    You or they can now log in and download the Qnect plugin for Trimble’s Tekla Structures. That’s pretty much it!

To create a new job, simply fill in specific job preferences and fabricator preferences, then highlight a floor, a tier or a whole building in your Tekla Structures 3D model and press the little green Qnect “1” button that was downloaded to your tool bar. Note: your Tekla Structures model will always be with you; just the data is extracted and imported back in.

Shortly, you will receive an email congratulating you that the engineering and connecting of your selected part of the building is finished. It will tell you the number of joints successfully connected. Now, press the little green Qnect “2” button in your toolbar. Voila! In just minutes, your section of the building will be engineered and connected. Proceed to Reports on the dashboard to see the costs, optimization results and engineering reports.

For individual pricing, please fill out the “Get a Free Quote” form below.

Qnect has delivered a unique suite of programs this industry has long been searching for.

— Erleen Hatfield, BuroHappold

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