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Qnect is the optimization company.

Qnect delivers Software as a Service to provide digital engineering and optimization of steel connections for overall reduction in operational costs.

  • Reduce material cost.
    Qnect’s optimized connections reduce material, weld and bolt counts by 20% or more.
  • Reduce shop hours.
    Fewer bolts means reduced labor to drill, change, bolt, tighten… and reduced “doublers” saves time and material.
  • Speed drawings to shop.
    At 3 joints per second including engineering, Qnect detailing is never a bottleneck.
  • Speed bolt/alignment schedule in the field.
    With 20% bolt reduction and smart erection considerations throughout, erection will be faster, simpler, safer.
  • Reduce impact of revisions.
    Schedule, schedule, schedule…Qnect re-engineers and models revisions in seconds.

Our promise based on hundreds of successful QuickQnect runs:

  • You will receive software tools to make the most optimized and consistent connections possible.
  • You will be given free consultations and in many cases, on-site assistance.
  • You will be heard.
  • Your unique equipment, labor and preferences will be considered on every job to make the details of the connections exactly what you’d like.
  • You will be more profitable because you will reduce bolts needed to meet AISC requirements.
  • You will be able to see and compare the differences between 10 or more connection runs.
  • You will be able to see and reduce doublers, CJP welds, etc.
  • You will ease the pain of delay, waiting for approvals, and doing costly revisions.

As one large customer stated, “Thanks to Qnect, I’ve never been so far ahead at the start of a job.”

QuickQnect is a powerful cloud software solution, available 24/7 and simple as buttons 1 and 2. Work with us if you aren’t already!

Contact us for a free demo. We are here for you.

We used Qnect on a 4,300 ton project, and were pleased with many aspects of the speed and quality of their engineering, optimization, and detailing. The responsiveness of the Qnect team was very impressive, and included a custom, skewed, single angle solution.

— Chief Draftsman, Cives Steel

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