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Qnect Team

Jef Sharp, Henry Lederman, and Jeff Hausthor

Our Team

Our Team

The Qnect Founders have a winning combination of technical experience, software development excellence and 44 continuous years of steel industry domain experience. They have used these assets, plus a great team of engineers, software developers and support staff to build QuickQnect®. Jef Sharp, CEO; Henry Lederman, CSO; and Jeff Hausthor, COO have built 8 companies and have once again surrounded themselves with a world class team of contributors.

Qnect Management Team

Jef C. Sharp, CEO
“Qnect is the perfect company. Amazing technical talent, groundbreaking ideas combined with practical market driven solutions in an industry that has unlimited potential to benefit from software productivity.” With over 35 years of experience leading and growing tech companies, Sharp is perfectly positioned to maximize the potential of Qnect’s groundbreaking products. Connect with Jef on LinkedIn

Henry Lederman, CSO, MBA Columbia University
“I dreamt up this software to stay competitive in an industry that has cut costs by outsourcing work to cheaper labor markets. The first step was recognizing there was room for improvement in the three-dimensional system used by steel-detailing companies.” With over 40 years of experience in the structural steel industry, Henry is uniquely able to strategize the best solutions and paths forward to successfully commercialize Qnect. Connect with Henry on LinkedIn

Jeff A. Hausthor, COO
“Delivering world class software is what I do. In the past, I’ve delivered solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies, so scale and security are no object.” With over 30 years of experience creating systems and disrupting inefficiencies, Hausthor has the big picture, the work flow and the system architecture down to a science. Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn

Christian Erickson, Director, Global Marketing & Sales
“Qnect enables an explosion of efficiency for those in the engineering, fabrication and detailing professions. Exciting opportunities are ahead for the company as we contribute significant innovation in the AEC and Industrial workflow.” With a combined 12 years of industry experience with Tekla and Autodesk, Christian blends his early career sales experience with his steel​ industry marketing experience to build awareness and to ensure Qnect’s customers continue their success with QuickQnect. Connect with Christian on LinkedIn

Supporting Cast

In addition to Qnect’s amazing programmers, engineers and detailers, our support staff and advisors are paramount to the success we’ve enjoyed:

Laura Patrick, Office Manager and Logistics Guru
“We are intensely focused on systems, organization, scalability and customer service.” Patrick tracks every detail and keeps the team on point, on budget and laughing.

Karen Carswell, Marketing Associate
“There’s no question that understanding how Qnect works will make every Fabricator, Detailer and Engineer in the world want to build Qnect’s efficiencies into their business.” By combining ten years of marketing experience bolstered by an MBA in the making from Isenberg, Karen brings the energy and creative spark that every company needs to accelerate market awareness and penetration.

Hans Ehrnrooth, Consultant, Advisor
“Qnect is the only company with technology to help everyone in the steel fabrication ecosystem.” Hans served as President of Tekla North America for 12 years, Nokia Corporation and Nokia Ventures for 11 years. Strategy, sales and marketing have been part of Hans’ responsibilities.

Tim Fraser, PE – Chief Engineer
Fraser sits on three AISC committees and is the go-to-engineer for connection design of any kind. His current committee assignments include the Committee on Manuals, Seismic Design Considerations and Connection Design.

Qnect Advisory Board

Erleen Hatfield, Principal, BuroHappold
William A. Thornton, PhD, P.E.
Irwin M. Heller, J.D.
Todd Mitty, PhD
Rajeev Surati, PhD
Alex Ray
Sam Mawn Malau
James S. Page

The use of Qnect’s suite of tools results in real savings in material, labor and time and thus represents a huge advancement for the construction industry. I believe QuickQnect will become a standard for the major players and a necessity for others to remain competitive.

— Hans Ehrnrooth, Former President, Tekla North America

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