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Qnect Partners

Qnect Partners

Steel Structures Detailing, Inc.

Qnect has a preferred partnership agreement with SSDI (Steel Structures Detailing, Inc.). We often work together on projects to offer a complete detailing solution, from modeling and connecting to full detailing, engineering and stamping.

Walters Group

In July 2015, Walters joined Qnect as a strategic partner. Walters’ nearly 60 years of fabrication experience will combine with 43 years of detailing experience at Qnect to advance the process and delivery of connection design for the entire steel industry.

Integrous Steel Software Solutions

Integrous Steel Software Solutions represents Qnect to the steel fabrication and detailing industries, providing the latest technological solutions for problems faced by today’s steel projects.


Trimble serves a variety of industries including agriculture, engineering and construction, transportation and wireless communications infrastructure. Trimble owns Tekla Structures, the leading 3D modeling software platform for the steel industry. QuickQnect is optimized to enhance Tekla Structures and we enjoy a friendly, cooperative relationship.

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Connection Engineering Preferred Partners

  • Meyers, Borgman & Johnson (MBJ)
  • Harman Group
  • Martin & Martin
  • Drucker Zajdel

Detailer Preferred Partners

  • Tru-line
  • WSP Mountain
  • ProDraft
  • Canam
  • Tectonix
  • SSDI
  • MJD Consulting
  • JKU Detailing
  • Deltech
  • Tri-Tech

Become a Partner

Please send a message to Jef Sharp via our Contact form if you would like to become one of our preferred partners.

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