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Customer Stories > Grifols’ Clayton Campus

Grifols clayton campus

Grifols’ Clayton Campus

Grifols’ Clayton Campus

Qnect builds integrated and efficient teams.

Project Team

Detailer: ProDraft
Fabricator: McCombs Steel Company, Inc.
Engineer of Record: Fluhrer Reed
Connection Engineer: MBJ
Connection Design, Modeling and Optimization: Qnect

The Project

Grifols, a large multinational bioscience company with global headquarters in Spain and US headquarters in California, announced in spring of 2017 the investment of $210 million to build two new buildings at their Clayton campus. Grifols already employs 14,7000 North Carolina residents and the new facilities are scheduled to be completed in the year 2021.

  • 100% commitment to teamwork – from kick-off to completion
  • Qnect Knowledge sharing – 40+ years in the industry and trust in Qnect technology adaptation
  • 1,600 tons connected in an 1 hour

The Solution

Maintaining a Competitive Advantage. Ever since they opened their doors in 1929, McCombs Steel has paid close attention to customer service and competitive pricing for their customers and community at large. As a mid-sized fabricator, McCombs Steel prides themselves on their attention to detail, hard work, and dedication to industry knowledge. McCombs began working with Qnect in 2017. Like many stakeholders in the construction industry, the technology with a service appeared too good to be true.

Trust from the Start

McCombs wanted to see the software in action and answer the question, “Was it really that easy?” Henry Lederman, Qnect CSO with over 40 years of steel detailing experience, flew down to North Carolina to train the team on the software.

Take Aways

Using Qnect, McCombs and their detailer, Prodraft, connected the 1,600 tons in 1 hour. Technology + training + trust = innovation and success for everyone involved.

Having the connections finished so quickly was an immediate benefit and then, of course, the savings. The team at Qnect knows what they were talking about, they did this on paper before. They’ve worked in the industry – talk the language, and really know how the software works.

— Ricky Horton, VP of Finance & Administration, McCombs Steel Company, Inc.

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