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Use our Insta-bid tool to get a quick and accurate bid for how much money and time you’ll save, by filling out a few lines. Before you know it, you’ll be winning more bids, streamlining your jobs and saving a ton of time and money.

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How it Works

  • The bid is based on information entered (beams, tonnage, etc). Today, all shear Plate and double angle connections will be engineered and connected. Also many, many conditions such as skews, copes, welds, extended shear plates, doublers, stiffeners, axial loads, OSHA regulations etc. More to come, soon!
  • All changes and revisions can be processed an unlimited number of times (as long as the steel members have the same I.D. number) for no additional charge.
  • Volume discounts for this job have been applied!

Proportional credit will be given if we are not able to Qnect at least 80% of the job.

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