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Software is eating the world of steel

As Mark Andreesen of Silicon Valley famously said, “Software is eating the world…” This is evident in all industries and the Steel industry is a prime example. Software is efficient. Design something really well the first time and then deploy it over and over again, while making it continually better. Smarter.

So what is the limit to what software can do for Steel? Qnect addresses not just the software options of today, but the future of software to make the structural steel industry even more safe, economical and efficient.

Software does and should help different trades to communicate and collaborate. It should reduce the redundancy of tedious work. Every project should have just one 3D model, not one for every stage or trade. The model should include everything from original steel structure design of the architect’s vision to the maintenance schedule of the bathroom fans after the building has been in operation for years.

Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming.

Equipment should be software and data controlled. Equipment capacity should be measured and the capacity transparency should generate more sales, better utilization and higher yields. Software should also anticipate mistakes and even respond to RFI’s.

So what is and is not working today? And what can we do tomorrow to make software friendlier, more seamless, more compatible? So we don’t need training? And how can we as an industry help drive its improvement?


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