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Qnect hires industry powerhouse, Tim Fraser as VP of Engineering

Tim Fraser joined the Qnect team this week as VP of Engineering.  After 35 years of experience in structural steel fabrication and consulting engineering, Tim has accumulated a depth and breadth of experience that only a rare few have achieved in the steel industry. He was the Chief Engineer for 19 years at Canron, a major fabricator and erector. While there, he oversaw many challenging projects such as the Vancouver Lion’s Gate Suspension Bridge structure replacement, stadiums for both the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks, the iconic Seattle Library, and the 20,000 ton Vancouver Convention Center. In addition Tim has participated in many design build and design assist projects, including the University of Washington Husky Stadium project. More recently he was a lead engineer at Anvil Corp where he was instrumental in designing many seismic industrial structures.

Tim is currently on the AISC committee for the Seismic Manual and Chairman of the Seismic Provisions Subcommittee on Members and Connections.  He was previously a member of the AISC Specification Committee and the Canadian standards equivalent, CSA S16, for the Design of Steel Structures.

Tim is registered as a PE in Civil Engineering in Washington and Oregon, and as a P.Eng. in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Both leadership and experience matter. Tim effectively combines both on every project he takes on.

About Qnect llc

Qnect builds software for the structural steel industry. Efficiency, accuracy and schedule improvement are our guiding lights. And with a nod to nature, additional light is provided by ideas of sustainability, resiliency and simplicity. We strive to incorporate these principles whenever possible.

Our breakthrough product, QuickQnect, makes it easy and accurate to combine two critical components of the steel connection process into one. QuickQnect determines the type of connection needed between two joints, engineers the connection, and then efficiently connects the joint in one integrated, automatic process. We’ve reduced the interaction with the process to zero, resulting in beautiful, certain, mathematically accurate Qnections.

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